We can review your existing policy, and if necessary, make recommendations to address any potential areas of weakness. We can also review the other elements of your substance misuse strategy.
If you have an Occupational Health Provider, we can work with them to maximise their potential to deliver your strategy. In addition to providing our policy development and implementation expertise, we also give access to our training platform, training & education courses and reporting tools, to complement and enhance the specialist services on offer through the Occupational Health Provider.
It is possible, but unlikely.
We hold strong relationships with Laboratories and Test Kit providers and consequently we secure competitive pricing and advantageous Service Level Agreements.

This is dependent on the complexity of your workplace, the speed of the decision-making process within your organisation and the level of concern, if any, amongst employees. A simple strategy can be created and implemented within six weeks, other more complicated strategies can take up to four months. We create an implementation plan with timelines, so you are clear on what needs to be completed, by who and by when. We can manage implementation of your behalf if required.

We source test kits from a variety of suppliers to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate test kits to meet your requirements. We conduct a thorough examination of the evaluation process the test kit has undergone and consider the accuracy of the results from the evaluation. We also consider feedback from customers that have used the test kits. We make this data available to you along with our recommendations. We can commission an independent evaluation of a test kit on your behalf if this is required, but it is an expensive undertaking.

We will only recommend laboratories that are accredited to ISO 17025 standard.

Laboratory testing is just one element of an effective substance misuse strategy. The scope of service we offer is far broader than that offered by a laboratory. If you are satisfied with the laboratory testing service currently being delivered by your laboratory, we will gladly work with them. Your laboratory provider will certainly not be offering you independent, impartial advice on testing methods, and is very unlikely to be offering many of the other elements that make up our preventative and supportive approach. 

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