Communicate, educate, train

Give your employees the knowledge & skills to maintain a substance free workplace

Training & Awareness

It’s all about you!

Bespoke course content is created by our industry leading specialists to communicate your policies & operating procedures as well as general drug & alcohol information to encourage your staff to remain safe, healthy and substance free at work.

Employees and Managers learn company specific information, giving them the confidence and knowledge to meet their individual responsibilities.

All courses have engaging content which is fully narrated, interactive, uses animated illustrations, video, real life scenarios and company specific details to ensure it covers all learning aspects.

Knowledge checks ensure learners attain the necessary level of understanding. Completion status is available for compliance purposes.

Educational Support Material

We offer a full package of materials for all year round communication and education. The materials are provided digitally with no restrictions on print volumes.

The package consists of posters, tri-fold information leaflets, toolbox talks, safety messages for display on monitors, QR codes linking to web based support information.

All materials can carry your brand and where necessary, information specific to your policy and operating procedures.

What Next ?

Lets create your safe and healthy workplace!