Clearly tailored strategy

Staff understand their responsibilities and the Policy rules

Strategy Management

What You Get

Precision-crafted substance misuse policy & procedures that provide clear guidelines for easy application, ensuring your team can effortlessly grasp and follow them. Tailored to your business, this strategy seamlessly integrates with your working practices across your entire workforce. Adopting a socially responsible approach that strikes the right balance between employee support and substance testing, prioritising well-being while adhering to compliance and health and safety standards.

How We Do It

Start by engaging in a conversation with you or your strategic team. Our goal is to grasp the essence of your business, unravel the objectives of your strategy, and delve into any key concerns you deem significant. Together, we’ll explore all the pivotal factors shaping your strategy, providing insights into the pros and cons of the available options.

To ensure the strategy is implemented with minimal disruption to your business activities, we offer consultation with employee representatives or unions when needed. Our dedicated support extends to the ongoing administration of the strategy, providing guidance and assistance in managing any instances of substance misuse that may arise, ensuring you navigate through uncertainties with confidence.

Confidence in Our Expertise

There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for managing substance misuse. Many companies that have taken ‘off the shelf’ policies soon find they are open to misinterpretation, cause unwanted resentment and ultimately not fit for purpose.

With over 25 years of combined experience, advising organisations of all sizes across diverse industry sectors, from government departments, to FTSE 100 companies to SME’s. You can trust in our proven methods, backed by a wealth of experience, to guide your organisation towards a robust and effective substance misuse strategy.

What Next ?

Lets create your safe and healthy workplace!