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A specialist support service for employees whose working lives are affected by drugs or alcohol. This service is offered in partnership with a charitable organisation with 40+ years experience in helping individuals achieve their recovery goals, with a success rate of over 80%. This highly cost effective service provides one to one telephone support, with waiting times never more than 48 working hours, and employer’s can be informed of employee engagement and progress (subject to confidentiality agreements). For organisations with sufficient budget to fund in-patient rehabilitation, we offer a third party independent specialist team that will assess the employee, make recommendations as to the most appropriate in-patient treatment centre, and where required offer follow up assessments of the employee.
Also available to employers is an alternative to dismissal for employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol, but deny having a substance dependency,  The alternative requires the employee to attend an intense drug and alcohol awareness course, in which the risks and consequences of substance misuse in the workplace are discussed, and techniques and tools are provided to help ensure future misuse is avoided. The employee is also required to undergo a series of unannounced testing over a six month period.

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